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For each floor, a solution...

A resin floor adapts to the needs of your activities and offers an attractive, practical and durable finish.
The resin floors are: 

•     Robust and capable of supporting loads
•     Durable, damage resistant and easy to repair
•     Easy to clean, and particularly resistant to cleaning products
•    Adapted to new constructions and standards for robotization
•     Waterproof, to prevent the infiltration of chemicals into the ground
•     Colored, to create a unique and distinctive finish
•    Practical in the event of a change in the location of your activities: by creating markings, new colors, new layers.

Industry, agri-food, car parks, tertiary, private and public residences, social landlords, promoters, architecture, showrooms, garages, supermarkets, hospitals, fire stations,
laboratory, covered market, village hall, collective kitchens...

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